Sanden Hodnekvam

Norwegian Scenic Route - Stapnes

1st place. Invited competition.
Location: Stapnes, Egersund. Nasjonale Turistveier Jæren.
Client: Statens Vegvesen / Nasjonale Turistveier / Norwegian Scenic Routes
Year: 2023
Status: Ongoing. Scheduled construction start 2025

Visitors to the rest area at Stapnes often seek out towards the sea and the view towards Nålaugviga with the North Sea on the horizon. As a result, travelers have worn down existing fences and created makeshift stairs to access the rocky outcrops and hillocks.

An upgrade of the rest area starts with creating a universally designed ramp from the parking lot out towards the view, so that the experience is improved and made accessible to all, while also ensuring a clearer access to the sea, rocky outcrops, and hiking trails.

Today's rest area lacks seating and benches. The existing service building also needs an upgrade. The viewpoint, the ramp into the landscape, information signs, upgrade of the service building/toilets, and seating are planned to be organized along a 3m wide and 40-50m long line with partial covering. The landscape around the parking lot will be restored with the return of soil masses and the facilitation of site-specific species, both to restore the landscape and create a stronger nature experience, but also to create different zones within the parking area and nature-friendly parking for campers and other travelers.

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