Sanden Hodnekvam

Long house on pillars

Client: Private
Type: House
Program: Residential
Location: Nesodden, Norway
Size: 115sqm
Year: 2018-2022
Photos by Thomas Ekstrøm

A home for a ceramicist and a scientist. The long, narrow house is carefully lodged between existing rocks and trees. The house is raised on wooden pillars, keeping the existing landscape intact. The natural topography of the site create a series of outdoor spaces and outlooks into the rock bed and tree tops.

The floor plan is simple, with a core for bedrooms and a bathroom and circulation along the facades. The spaces are separated by sliding doors. Whilst open, they create sight lines across the length of the house, creating an open, free-flowing movement.

The wooden construction is visible in the interior as well as the exterior of the house. Large wooden beams are left exposed. Walls and floors are covered in pine, with recycled brick floors in the winter garden and the sunken living room. The roof is clad with corrugated metal sheets, with overhanging eaves.

As a part of the project, we designed a small shed as a temporary residence for the clients, later to be transformed into a ceramics workshop. The shed also functioned as a mock-up, working with details and finishes as research for the final project.

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