Sanden Hodnekvam

Green grid - 1st price open international competition

Masterplan at Gystadmarka, Ullensaker
2.000.000 sqm


The competition proposal is based on a linear structure with parkland and housing of variable density. The housing areas are separated by drainage channels that solve the local problem of unusually high groundwater, while encouraging the growth of water-intensive trees and plants, creating a favorable micro climate and clearly defining the various neighborhoods.

The large stretch of parkland acts as a focal point of the plan, providing a green connection from the city center to the recreational areas around, while making room for schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and a church.

The plan is an open strategy, which can vary greatly in density and building types depending on the current needs in the area.

In collaboration with Brendeland & Kristoffersen Architects, Simen Stori and Peter Skråvik

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