Sanden Hodnekvam

April 27 2022

We are holding a lecture at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, tomorrow at 19.30 about our completed works and ongoing projects. The event is organised by Østfold Arkitektforening.

February 18 2022

Our interview with the norwegian architecture magazine Arkitektnytt is on the cover of their february issue.

"I dette nummeret har vi reist til Nesodden, der det lille, men internasjonalt anerkjente kontoret Sanden & Hodnekvam holder hus. Arkitektparet, som nylig vant Europan, vinner stadig større oppdrag, men vil samtidig være et arkitektkontor uten annen spesialisering enn å lage god arkitektur."

Read the interview here (in norwegian only).

January 19 2022

House on pillars is featured in the new book Monocle - Book of the Nordics which will be published tomorrow.

January 17 2022

We are teaching at the Oslo School of Architecture. This semester we are a part of the course waterfront with prof. Thomas McQuillan, Halvor Ellefsen and Mari Lending.

January 10 2022

We are invited by the norwegian association of architects to present our winning proposal for student housing and offices for NTNU/SIT on friday.

January 4 2022

The Alu Lamp is featured in the last issue of Bo Bedre.

Årets FORMAT-lampe er designet av arkitektduoen bak arkitektstudioet Sanden+Hodnekvam. Studioet har vært nevnt i Wallpapers liste over verdens mest lovende, og et av prosjektene deres ble nylig nominert til Mies van der Rohe-prisen. Lampen er den fjerde i rekken av en serie lamper og lysobjekter formgitt av de beste innen norsk arkitektur. Alu befinner seg et sted mellom belysning og skulptur, og har en enkelhet og nøkternhet som gir lampen en helt egen karakter. Pris 2500 kr,

December 17 2021

We are happy to announce that our proposal Kollokvie is the winner for the new student housing and office building at NTNU Gjøvik. We are looking forward to realise the project in collaboration with SIT and our mentor office/collaborator mdh arkitekter.

December 13 2021

We are really happy to announce that we have won Europan 16 with our proposal for the site at Fagerstrand, Norway. Read more about it here.

December 1 2021

We are working on a new commission for a house in Henningsvær, Lofoten.

November 18 2021

We have deisnged a new lamp in aluminium for HØGH. Read more about the project and buy the lamp here.

October 20 2021

We are one of five finalists in the norwegian concrete award / Betongtavlen 2021. The price ceremony will be at the new Munch Museum 13. december.

September 8 2021

Our row house, TT49, is now completede and the clients have moved in.

September 6 2021

We are qualified for a new competition in Fredrikstad in collaboration with MAD Arkitekter and Tredje Natur from Copenhagen. Read more about it here.

September 3 2021

Yesterday we visited the house in red concrete at Lillehammer with the jury of the norwegian concrete award - Betongtavlen. We are honoured to be one of this years nominees.

August 23 2021

We are one of four teams qualified for a new competition for SIT/NTNU at Gjøvik. We are happy to have with us MDH architects as mentors and partners.

June 5 2021

The Livid concept store at Torgallmenningen, Bergen, opens today. We have designed the new store with custom made furniture, stairs, changing rooms and specially made doors and windows.

April 28 2021

We are happy to announce that our house in red concrete is nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, The Mies Van Der Rohe Award.

April 26 2021

Our transformation of Ringve Museum is under construction.

April 23 2021

We are happy to announce that we, in collaboration w Asplan Viak and Zenisk, have won the invited competition to make a new masterplan for Handelstorget in Skien.

April 22 2021

We will have a lecture for Hedmark and Oppland Architectural on thursday of april.

March 16 2021

We won three competitions in the city centre of Bergen in 2019. We are now working with a new master plan and several projects in the area in collaboration with Asplan Viak, Rodeo, Zenisk and Studio Holmedal.

February 28 2021

Research, discussion and teaching are important aspectst of our practice. This semester we contribute on the course Downhill at the Oslo School of Architecture(AHO) with prof. Thomas McQuillan. The students work with the relation between landscape and architectural constructions in Hemsedal, Norway

February 17 2021

We are working on the new concept store for the norwegian apparel brand Livid at Torgallmenningen in Bergen.

February 1 2021

Our house in red concrete is nominated for the Archdaily Building of the year Award.

December 26 2020

Among 50 000 projects, our HOUSE IN RED CONCRETE is listed as one of the best projects at Archilovers in 2020.

December 18 2020

House in red concrete is featured in the latest issue of Norwegian Architecturl Review, Arkitektur N.

Huset er slik et eksempel på hvordan kompromissløs arkitektur ikke behøver å koste mer enn ordinære ferdighus – med et nivå på både tomtetilpasning, ytre karakter og opplevd kvalitet innendørs som går langt utenpå like kostbare standard- løsninger. Sanden+Hodnekvam forener med dette høye miljøambisjoner, sosial bevissthet og bygningsteknisk fingerspissfølelse på en måte som har gitt kontoret mye og fortjent oppmerksomhet, blant annet med en plass på Wallpapers liste over verdens fremst unge praksiser.

December 3 2020

We are happy to announce that we just recently won the invited competition for new conservation studio at Ringve Music Museum in Trondheim.

November 26 2020

We are invited to the Design Shanghai Fair and the exhibition 20 emerging architects hosted by Wallpaper* magazine China. The exhibition opens today at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention center. Read more about the fair at

September 27 2020

New studio! Our atelier is now placed in a big, lush garden 200m from the Oslo fjord. New adress; Flaskebekkveien 105, 1450 Nesoddtangen. Come by for a cup of coffee if you are nearby.

September 11 2020

Red concrete House is featured in this weeks Morgenbladet. Read it here.

August 27 2020

We have been invited to an interesting competition for renovation of Ringve Music Museum in Trondheim.

June 17 2020 writes about our participation in Architects Directory.

June 12 2020

We are excited to be one of the 20 studios selected for this years Architects Directory by Wallpaper*. It is really inspiring to be a part of this along with so many emerging talents from around the world.

April 24 2020

We have been invited to an interesting competition for the old Peterson Factory in Sarpsborg in collaboration with Oslo Works and Agraff.

March 25 2020

We are giving 4 lectures at Zoom about our work the next months:

31.03.20 - Projects. Concrete. Oslo School Of Architecture, AHO
28.04.20 - Projects. Wood. Oslo School Of Architecture, AHO
07.05.20 - Projects. Wood. Norwegian University of Technology and Science, NTNU
14.05.20 - Projects. Concrete. Norwegian University of Technology and Science, NTNU

March 7 2020

Our installation at the childrens department at the Nesodden Library opened today.

February 28 2020

We are invited to give a lecture at the education program for architects by Norske Arkitekters Landsforbund/NAL. We will talk about how we run our studio and our focus in the field of architecture. The lecture will be at Arkitektenes Hus, Oslo, of march.

January 31 2020

Our Rones Cabin is eligible for nomination in the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards 2020. If you like our project you can give us a vote here.

January 29 2020

This week we have been visiting Steinkjer and started the work with a new masterplan in collaboration w Edit Atelier and KOHT.

January 15 2020

Together w Ane Tolfsen we are teaching at a course in Architectural Detailing at the Oslo School of Architecture this spring. The course will also include lectures by Knut Hjeltnes, Einar Jarmund, Espen Vatn, Kima, LundSlatto and Beate Hølmebakk.

January 6 2020

We are invited to an interesting new commission at Steinkjer, Trøndelag. In collaboration w Edit Atelier and KOHT we will be working with a new strategy for the city centre.

November 14 2019

Based on our experience w parallell commissions in the field of urbanism we are invited by the norwegian asssociation of architects/Norske Arkitekters Landsforbund to a workshop on how to develop this type of commissions into an even better tool for planning.

October 24 2019

We are a part of the annual conference on wood architecture as one of four emerging norwegian studios. We will present some of our work at the 13th of november at AHO.

October 22 2019

Our proposal 1450 is the winner of the open competition at Nesodden. We are looking forward to develop the proposal further in collaboration w the municipality.

October 21 2019

We are visiting a new site in Telemark today.

October 20 2019

Unbuilt House Exhibition opening tomorrow at the Glass Gallery, AHO, as a part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale. The exhibition consists of work by 20 emerging practices, and is curated by Holt O’Brien and Aleksander Svingen. We are exhibiting a 1:50 model of our competition proposal for a new visiting centre at Rådstueruinene, Bergen. Model photo by Aleksander Svingen.

October 4 2019

The danish publisher Archipress is releasing the book "News in Nordic Architecture" today in Aarhus, Denmark. We are featured in the book, as one of five selected norwegian studios. Other norwegian architects are Knut Hjeltnes, Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk, Lund/Slaatto and Askim/Lantto. As a part of the release event there will be a debate about the new nordic architecture.

September 20 2019

Sanden+Hodnekvam are published in the new book News In Nordic Architecture by Archipress in Aarhus, Danmark. The other norwegian studios presented are Knut Hjeltnes, Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk, Askim/Llantto and Lund Slaatto.

July 5 2019

We just received the great news that our team, Sanden+Hodnekvam, Asplan Viak, Rodeo and Zenisk lighting, have won three competitions in Bergen. The overall plan for the area around the harbour, the new fishing market and a visitor centre and small museum next to the UNESCO world heritage site Bryggen. We are looking forward to develop an important and interesting project together with a great team.

May 20 2019

We have won an invited competition for a new pavillion at the childrens library at Nesodden.

May 10 2019

Our cabin at Rones, Steinkjer, is featured in the norwegian D2 magazine today. Read the article here (in norwegian).

April 25 2019

We are giving a lecture at the Oslo School of Architecture/AHO, tomorrow at 1500 about our studio and work.

April 24 2019

Two of our projects are featured in the new book Best Houses Of The World, which will be published in South Korea in may.

April 23 2019

We are interviewed in the new issue of the british magazine ENKI.

April 16 2019

Our Cabin in Steinkjer is featured in the newest issue of NYTT ROM.

April 10 2019

We received a shared 4th /innkøp 100 000NOK, in the open international competition regarding housing and masterplan at Ankerhagen, Hamar, in collaboration w asas arkitektur.

March 29 2019

Our red concrete house at Lillehammer is nearing completion.

March 14 2019

In collaboration w Rodeo and Even Smith Wergeland, we have developed new strategies for Trondheim city centre and the harbour. 30 000 new housing units in 2050. The project is exhibited at the Trondheim town hall and the municipal library untvil the 10th of april.

March 14 2019

The cabin at Rones is published in the norwegian magazine Mur&Betong #1.

February 27 2019

Our illustration of the future Sjøholt is on the cover of the new issue of Norwegian Architecture Competitions. The parallell commission was in collaboration with Agraff and Lala.

February 25 2019

Our elongated wood house on pillars is approved by the municipality. We are looking forward to the detailing phase in collaboration w great clients and carpenters.

February 15 2019

Together w Rodeo, Asplan Viak and Zenisk we have qualified for a new competition in Bergen, and have spent the last couple of days getting to know the site.

February 13 2019

In collaboration with Agraff and Lala we have been working with new strategies and plans for Sjøholt/Ålesund. The Norwegian government highlights the project in its newsletter Illustration by Sanden+Hodnekvam Architects.

January 25 2019

Excited to be one of five qualified teams to compete for the new urban space at the UNESCO world heritage site, Bryggen in Bergen. In collaboration with Asplan Viak, Rodeo, Zenisk and Studio Holmedal we will develop a strategy for Bryggen, Torget and the surrounding urban spaces. Other qualified teams are Gottlieb Paludan architects w Austigard Arkitektur, Arkitektgruppen Cubus w Kaleidoscope Nordic, tag arkitekter and Snøhetta w Jørgen Tandberg.

January 22 2019

We are a part of the exhibition "History in practice" at the Oslo Architecture Association on thursday. See you there!

January 20 2019

The long brick house with an enclosed garden is under construction at Lillehammer.

January 19 2019

We are working on a new project at the Nesodden peninsula with small, sustainable housing units.

January 14 2019

We are on our way to Trondheim with our friends at Rodeo to disucuss our strategies for the city centre and the new developments in the harbour with the municipality.

December 10 2018

New project! We are working on a new co-working space at the Nesodden peninsula.

November 27 2018

Last week we went to Trondheim for the startup of Trondheim 2050, a project we are doing in collaboration w Rodeo Arkitekter and Even Smith Wergeland. The four invited teams will all be working on finding new strategies for Midtbyen, as well as additional area. Our team has been assigned Trondheim East, which includes Nyhavna, Bakklandet, Solsiden, Svartlamoen, Lilleby, Møllenberg and Lademoen.

November 26 2018

Last week we presented our strategy for Sjøholt outside of Ålesund, in collaboration w Lala Tøyen and Agraff.

October 8 2018

In collaboration with Rodeo Architects we have been invited to develop new plans and strategies for Trondheim municipality.

September 17 2018

Our sketch model in light green concrete will be a part of the exhibition "Unbuilt Houses" by young norwegian architects. The exhibition is a part of the Open House Oslo and is curated by Holt O´Brien and Svingen Arkitektkontor. Join us for the opening at Greenhouse Oslo friday 21st of september at 1900.

September 5 2018

We are back in the studio after a couple of great days at Sjøholt outside of Ålesund. A place with lots of potential and great people.

August 29 2018

The furniture at our Rones cabin is close to completion.

August 28 2018

In collaboration with Lala Tøyen we have been invited by the municiplity of Ørskog to develop a strategy for Sjøholt outside of Ålesund.

August 1 2018

Tomorrow we will get a visit in our studio by students from AA in London. The students are a part of the AA visiting school program and will visit a few studios in Oslo before traveling to Lyngør for a workshop.

July 17 2018

Scaffoling is placed on site for our brick house at Lillehammer for the final adjustments on heights and views. The construction is scheduled to start in late august.

May 15 2018

New comission. Single family house on a great site. 3d-scan of the landscape and its vegetation.

May 14 2018

As one of seven architecture studios, we´re invited to show our work at the Oslo Future Living Conferance 2018.

May 9 2018

today our long brick house at Lillehammer receieved its building permission from the municipality. Building start is scheduled this summer.

May 3 2018

John Sanden is a guest critic at NTNU today and tomorrow. He will also give a lecture tomorrow at 13.15.

February 2 2018

We have been invited by the Stavanger Architecture Association to talk about our practice and projects. Next week at Tou Scene, Stavanger.

January 30 2018

The roof volume in CLT/massivtre is mounted on site at the Rones Cabin, and is soon ready to be isolated with wood fiber and wrapped in sacking and tar.

January 16 2018

Site inspection with panoramic view of the Oslo fjord.

January 3 2018

We are starting the year off with a small lecture at the Oslo Architecture Assosiation, OAF, january 12th.

December 13 2017

Our T-House in Trondheim is published on the front page of today, and included in Divisare Journal 181.

December 6 2017

Our cabin in Steinkjer is under construction.

November 8 2017

New housing area and center for coastal culture. We are invited to an interesting competition at a great site in Langesund, Telemark.

October 24 2017

House HK in prefabricated concrete elements with red iron oxide are being mounted at Lillehammer.

August 23 2017

Together with Transborder Studio, we have been invited by NHP Eiendom, Bane NOR and Kristiansund municipality to participate in an exciting parallel commission at Devoldholmen in the city center of Kristiansund.

July 12 2017

Our renovation of new educational and ceremonial space at Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at NTNU is completed. See the project here

May 16 2017

John Sanden has been interviewed by Arkitektnytt about urbanism, productive cities and our awarded competition proposal for Tullinløkka from 2011. Read it (in norwegian) here.

May 10 2017

The house at Jonsvannet in Trondheim is soon to be completed. Birch plywood is systematicly mounted on the walls and ceiling. The top boards of plywood are curved and generates space for the ventilation channels.

May 1 2017

Two years ago we proposed a floating pedestrian bridge in Tveitsund, Telemark. The municipality has now decided to go further with the project, and we are excited to start the design phase. The 200m long bridge will connect the village center to the historic railway area, as well as being an attraction on its own.

January 3 2017

John Sanden and Ingvild Hodnekvam will be jury members in ARKXSITE, an international competition for architecture students and young professionals. Other jury members will be Francisco J. Magén (Spain) and César Guerrero + Ana Cecilia Garza (Mexico). The competition is situated in Porto, Portugal, and the submission deadline is february 4th.

December 14 2016

We´re at instagram. Follow us!

November 30 2016

The main construction of the Weng house at Lillehammer is completed.

September 21 2016

The concrete base at House T is almost done. And the old copper beech is still standing.

September 7 2016

Our house at Lian, made in collaboration with Brendeland and Kristoffersen Architects, is featured on Divisare.

August 24 2016

We are working on the reopening of the Trondheim-based fashion store Seams, which are featured in this weeks issue of D2 magazine. The store is reopening soon.

August 22 2016

We have moved our studio to Oslo/Nesodden.

June 9 2016

Along with 19 other young norwegian designers and architects, we are participating in the exhibition "Herfra" / "From here" at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture. The exhibition opens the 22nd of June.

May 31 2016

We are working on a new ceremonial space at the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at NTNU, Trondheim. Two weeks until construction start.

May 16 2016

Latest issue of Statsbygg`s magazine Åpne Rom

March 23 2016

Seams, the store we renovated in 2014, is featured in the current issue of Monocle Magazine.

February 29 2016

Site inspection for a new house.

February 16 2016

We received an honourable mention in the "Unge Talenter"/"Young Talents Award" held by DogA / the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture 2015.

November 24 2015

We have been interviewed by the norwegian magazine Arkitektnytt.

October 28 2015

The publication "New qualities" will be released tomorrow at galleri ROM in Oslo. Along with 11 other studios, we are interviewed about our thoughts on architecture. We will also hold a brief presentation of our current projects.

October 16 2015

Along with 12 other young norwegian studios we are currently a part of the exhibition "New Qualities" at Galleri ROM in Oslo. The exhibition is open until the 22nd of november.

September 2 2015

We are working on a new masterplan for the historical area around an old railway station in Tveitsund, Telemark.

June 5 2015

Our installation at RAKE is finished after five days of hard work. See the project here.

May 6 2015

On our way back to Trondheim after site visit in Lillehammer for a new housing project.

April 22 2015

Our proposal for Katrineholm was published at afasia today.